Anonymous asked: For some reason you were in my dream last night. We haven't talked in forever, well we kinda did one time recently, but idk why I dreamt about you. You were in my city or I was in yours I don't remember, but we were about to finally meet up & smoke & shit I think. I just wanted to let you know. Idk lol

come off anon & we could get lit. it’s nothin

as though I feel life is a gift, I also feel constantly tormented by it. think about this: we are put here, all dealt a unique hand of cards, and no two are the same. we live, everyday, alongside seven and some odd billion people in circumstances we didn’t ask for, with feelings we can’t control, big emotions that are too much for our little bodies, and free will to decide where we go with what we were given. we were given one mind; which traps us incessantly, but is the same tool we use to set us free. we are given experiences; they mold us into who and what we are. they shape our thoughts and perceptions of everything we see. so, keeping in mind you and the seven and some odd billion people on this planet experience the same thing, you search far and wide, only to find you are one of a kind. and the life you live is based on what you take from it. the lessons you learn, how much you love, who you love, and so on. and then you push. you push and push along, day by day, because not one person on this what might be a God given earth can tell what’s ahead. and sometimes I think to myself, what kind of sick game is this? who is behind this?… I have come to one conclusion: you are a tiny speck in a big sea. you have 24 hours in a day. your day is filled with what you decide to do. what you decide to do is based on the things you know. so, know everything. learn everything. let it engulf your physical, mental, and spiritual being. there are so many treasures in this confusing, sick, twisted world. get lost in it. this planet is throbbing with treasures and people and places and things. forget yourself sometimes. everyone in this world is a speck, specks make up the sea, and everyone’s hand of cards is different in its entirety. so go out and shuffle your cards with others; try and make sense of all this, keeping in mind everyone else is only attempting to do the same. no one knows why we’re here. but alas, we are. with that being said, make your time here as worthwhile as possible. because even if we exist in a parallel universe, or even an afterlife, this is the only one your fellow specks will remember you in. so take that, and run with it. run fucking free.

Anonymous asked: Hey! There was a photo you posted onto Instagram and it was a white singlet with an 'S' on it I think? I went to go look and the photo was deleted :( do you have the photo anywhere else? I really like the look of that shirt lol

hey! yeah, I deleted the pic on accident. it’s from a super cool clothing line. it was part of their summer collection, you can purchase it here:


i can’t tell if i’m a bad person or if i’m just growing and realizing my mistakes. 

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she is mother earth

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